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François Van Halter
François Van Halter
François Van Halter
François Van Halter
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Notes and Maxims by François van Halter.

On Art . . .

    Whenever and for what ever reason my brush puts paint on canvas, a composition is born that shows how I feel
    I often start with a rather representational sketch, which I may simplify and stylise and of which details may be distorted or exaggerated. This is always done with the aim of getting the deeper or hidden meaning of the subject.
    That is why I consider myself an ontological artist. (I must add to this statement that this does not mean I cant relax and enjoy myself in the process)

  • Versatility is necessary to avoid boredom, to be really enjoying life.

  • Art is as much a miracle of nature as an elephant on a crocodile.

  • I like to paint in a broad and daring way, yet without ever losing control of the impact I wish to achieve.

  • Normally I don’t paint symbols. The symbols meaning (if any) is to be found in the presentation and in the treatment of the objects and subjects themselves. Yet, at times a dimorphic style seems to be appropriate to convey my innermost “reality”, especially in my imaginative work.

  • Colour speaks a language of its own and I make colour a partner in my endeavour to record on my canvasses.

  • I am always concerned to reach a tonality that emphasises the atmosphere I am after.

  • When I look at a painting I like to see a similarity with, a reminder of the elements, be it a breeze or a storm, a piercing sun or a sweeping rain, but also I like to see the hand of an intelligent being, proving that centuries of civilisations have not been wasted. In other words I like to see natural force married to Reason.

  • In my student years I used to write a lot of “idealistic” poetry (a much nicer word than “sentimental”). Now almost a century later I am still that sentimental chap who loves dreaming and if I couldn’t be a “poet in paint” I wouldn’t paint. Its as simple as that.

  • I am always concerned to reach a tonality that emphasises the atmosphere  I am after.

  • Love and peace is what I always hope to convey – even in my wildest and seemingly brutal works.

  • I shall never and never shall draw or paint without applying strict discipline and thorough self-criticism.

On Life . . .

  • For communism to work we need different people; for democracy to work we need better people.

  • Always realise we are imperfect thinkers.

  • Love is often loving yourself in someone else.

  • Man is only at the beginning of knowing about himself or about anything else.

  • We are at the beginning of a long journey to understand Life. Understanding is one of the most ‘serious’ words in the dictionary.

  • If we are God’s children, so are all animals and plants. If God created the universe, then we are among the very smallest ‘things’ He created. How special then can we be? Let us not bluff ourselves!

  • A lot can mean a little and a little can mean a lot.

  • Don’t hate - just understand.

  • The more you think the less you wish to say.

  • The more you are happy with little the richer you are.

  • It’s being honest with yourself that keeps you modest.

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